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Slowly We Breathe The Change

Please read like a psalm and pause at each selah (asterisk) * Slowly we breathe, We support a space, singing an ode to “we,” men and women * and however we identify. Slowly we breathe We support a space where we can be open, be imagined by the best in all of us * to […]

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The Tiger & Sophia

I stride out,Padding softly,Focus bright. My keen eyes,The obstacles of manBlighting her hope. If I need to, I roar.If I need to, I snarl.If I need to, I bite. Mostly I padAlong in love,Sniffing out the mighty, I hunt them.Charge into The back of their legs. Together we kneelBefore poverty herself,Offering healing hands. Will we […]

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Egg of Light

In the egg of light vision to infinity brilliant white enveloping my entity. In the womb undefiled in the festival of light dances the ecstatic child the dance of the day lit night. Dance of the universe in eternity in its richness of creation multiplicity in unity, enraptured variation embracing invariability, in the crystal instant […]

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The Evensong of Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on the harbor wall. In Pigeon Cove Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty back together again! The one called Emma, the love within said: It is time for peace on the earth From heaven’s all gracious King Goodwill to all […]

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Still Hope at Pigeon Cove

Still I sit at dusk Quiet, with a sea view Half sky Quarter sea Quarter grass And me My hands cupped Waiting to receive At dawn the sun arose The love within, Emma Emmanuel for some Released a dove Looking for a cove All day it comes Across the half sky Across the quarter blue […]

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Bean & Leaf

She walked into the bar and saw him immediately, the Greenman. His face was made of leaves, he wore a summer suit and a floral Liberty print tie displaying a riot of flowers tastefully tumbling down his front. She sat next to him. She was wearing a small silk pouch around her neck that matched […]

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The Green Man and Pegasus

At a bar met the Green Man Who asks, “Like a word?” “I am looking for Emmanuel, Emma for short.” “Go to my barn, take some lessons, I’ve just the horse for you, Pegasus. What a winged horse, Asked for a barn right on the cliff edge So he’d be able to leap straight into […]

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Beautiful Reminders

The love of God Is like a butterfly That reminds us That we are as Beautiful as flowers And in our darkest heart Is the love giving Nectar of life. I am part of a team working with the Brothers of the Society of Saint the Evangelist at their Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts on communication. […]

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Wonder, Wonder, Bounding Tiger

Awoke to find a tiger By my bedside. “Resolve to pray your day I’m from your sister. I am here to give you courage No fear you need to have.” “At night you sleep well?” she asks “I fear what lies under my bed,” comes my reply. She nuzzles me, says, “My eyes catch demon […]

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The Nest

Nests are homes Made of scraps; Discarded pieces Of other lives Woven into love. Jamie Coats                                       June 2004

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