Tiger loves Carnival

I stride out,

Padding softly,

Focus bright.

My keen eyes,

The obstacles of man

Blighting Sophia’s hope.

When I see Sophia crying
Lady Wisdom herself
So profoundly sad.

If I need to, I roar.

If I need to, I snarl.

If I need to, I bite.

Mostly I pad

Along in love,

Sniffing out my fellow mighty,

I hunt them.

Charge playfully into
The back of their legs.

Together we kneel
Before poverty in all its forms,
Offering healing hands.

Will we count
On our fingers
Reasons to smile?

Will we count
Hearts not bleeding,

But beating to rejoice?

Will we count
Clapping hands
Celebrating success?

Will we count
Carnival rhythm
And join the dance?

Will we crown
Sophia as our queen,
Celebrating all of us?

This is my daily hunt,
A charging fight of love
For wisdom herself.

Now you know
Why I love Sophia
And sing

Tiger loves Carnival

“Tiger loves Carnival” is an adaption of the poem “Tiger & Sophia”

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