Beautiful Reminders

The love of God
Is like a butterfly
That reminds us
That we are as
Beautiful as flowers
And in our darkest heart
Is the love giving
Nectar of life.

I am part of a team working with the Brothers of the Society of Saint the Evangelist at their Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts on communication.  One catch phrase for our team is “Let’s send a butterfly.” A butterfly is a postcard, a booklet, a bookmark, a photograph that is so beautiful that people will put it on their mantelpiece, display it in their home.  The Brothers have a wonderful eye for beauty and simplicity and profound way for reminding people that they are loved by God.

Using on demand printer services like, and photo services like Snapfish or Shutterfly it is now possible to produce small print runs of stunning prayer cards, booklets, photo-booklets, and calendars.

Please think how you and your church can send someone a butterfly that reminds them that they are beautiful and loved by God.

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