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Tiger loves Carnival

I stride out,
Padding softly,
Focus bright. My keen eyes on,
The obstacles of man
Blighting Sophia’s hope. When I see Sophia cryingLady Wisdom herselfSo profoundly sad. If I need to, I roar.
If I need to, I snarl.
If I need to, I bite. Mostly I pad
Along in love,
Sniffing out my fellow mighty, I hunt them.
Charge playfully intoThe back of […]

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Tiger and Butterfly

Tiger,You have a butterflyOn your nose. Tiger,What do youHave to say? I know, it is a Monarch butterflyI like it there,Watch! Tiger shakes his head,Butterfly holds onAnd is still there. Tiger says, I will haveNo forest, no land, no dominionWithout Butterfly. Butterflies and flowersAdore each other’s beauty,Getting on with the business of life, Pollination,Natures’ new […]

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The Tiger is Here

My soulDoes magnifySophia The presence of the tigerStanding magnificentWith a roar declares: My stanceMy whiskersMy alertness My pink noseMy piercing eyesMy perked up ears My twitchy tailMy scent markingsMy territorial scratchings My snarlMy ferociousnessMy prowl My pranceMy boundingMy pounce My biteMy killMy lips My tasteMy breathMy heartbeat My every ounceMy squint-eye smileMy happiness My purrMy […]

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Awake to Ukraine

There is a dawn moment when the heavens are blue and the sun creates yellow above the horizon of the sea and you see a blue with a yellow stripe emerging beneath and at that moment we awake to the flag of Ukraine. Please get up in the morning and reflect on the sunrise and […]

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The Psalm of Change

Please read like a psalm and pause at each selah (asterisk) * Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe Slowly we breathe Slowly we breathe Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe, Slowly we breathe, We are the change. I am grateful to Lillie Allen of Be Present […]

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Will you sign the Mary Manifesto?

Mary Manifesto

At the root of my work on ending poverty is knowing that we are all equal as humans and, in my faith, all equally loved by God. This leads to justice. Justice calls us to provide opportunity for all. At a time when it is important to speak up and be counted for equality, justice […]

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The Tiger & Sophia

I stride out,Padding softly,Focus bright. My keen eyes,The obstacles of manBlighting her hope. If I need to, I roar.If I need to, I snarl.If I need to, I bite. Mostly I padAlong in love,Sniffing out the mighty, I hunt them.Charge into The back of their legs. Together we kneelBefore poverty herself,Offering healing hands. Will we […]

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The King of Kings

In a large bleak field Stands a radiant man. Announcing I am the King of Kings, The only Son of God. I approach the man, The light is so strong I have can hardly make out Any human features. Drawing near I see he holds a long handled shovel. He has just dug A minuscule […]

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Dedicated to the Co-Founders of OPHI Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative: Sabina Alkire & John Hammock (En español haga clic aquí: LAS CANCIONES DE sOPHIa) THE SONGS OF sOPHIa Wisdom Sophia, wisdom, she comes to us * And gently holds our hands. With your hands * Count and number things, Shake hands to make friends, […]

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Dedicado a los Co-Fundadores de OPHIIniciativa de Oxford Pobreza y Desarrollo Humano:Sabina Alkire y John Hammock 1.- Sabiduría Sophia, Sabiduría, viene a nosotrosy gentilmente toma nuestras manos. Con tus manos,puedes contar y numerar cosas. Estrecha manos para hacer amistades,Haz cosas que creen un mejor mundo. Ella posa sus manos en nuestros corazones,Sintiendo el numero que […]

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