The Tiger is Here

photo of tiger and cub lying down on grass

My soul
Does magnify

The presence of the tiger
Standing magnificent
With a roar declares:

My stance
My whiskers
My alertness

My pink nose
My piercing eyes
My perked up ears

My twitchy tail
My scent markings
My territorial scratchings

My snarl
My ferociousness
My prowl

My prance
My bounding
My pounce

My bite
My kill
My lips

My taste
My breath
My heartbeat

My every ounce
My squint-eye smile
My happiness

My purr
My paws
My claws

My fur
My stripes
My all

All magnify
All magnify Sophia

My wild heart beats
My soul sings
And oh

I see her, Sophia
Lady wisdom herself
I bound up to her

She is crying
She is the pain-bearer
Mother of all children

She wipes her eyes
She pets me
I nuzzle her

Now blessed
With one tear
I bound forth

Using my power
To end a drop of suffering

Reveling in healing
Joy ferociously
Ending despair

I chase back to Sophia
For another tear
Arriving again I declare

My soul
Does magnify

The tiger is here.

This is the second “Tiger & Sophia” poem, the first poem is The Tiger & Sophia

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on

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