Stations of the Christ – Vision 7: Resurrection, Easter Egg

The voice says, “Visions have come to you in the dark, in moments prepared by ritual cleansing and with the support of the congregation of your Church community. You have created quiet places with your eyes closed. Blindness has been raised over your eyes and the presence of God has stepped forth and taken all the things that have been your thoughts, experience, bodily emotions, and sensations too and has cast them into a story and fed them back to you to open your eyes.”

A voice of God, a man’s voice of God as Father and a woman’s voice of God as the Void intermingling into a single voice of unison say to me, “We have sent you Christ. We have sent you Justice. Now we ask you to look around and see with open eyes.” A spasm of pain goes through me. The unison voice says, “Let go. Let go of yourself for us. Listen all around you. Look all around you. Know that the voices that you hear and that sights that you see and sensations that you sense and the inklings that you feel and the groundedness that you experience will never overwhelm God. Set out to create spaces of Nothingness through which the presence of God will take the gifts of everyone around and mold a living story. Create spaces to open their eyes to the parables that surround them, that surround their selves and that gather all together.”

The unison voice of God commands, “Stand in the middle of the aisle in the middle of the Church of Our Saviour.” I find myself standing in the aisle of the small Church of Our Saviour in Arlington, Massachusetts. It is more a chapel than a church, with seating for about 100 with a single aisle.  I face the doorway to the church with my back to the altar. I sense that in front of the altar the Risen Christ has appeared and is standing looking down the aisle towards the door. As I look out the open church door I see Justice, blindfolded, amazingly beautiful, dressed in black robes, carrying her sword and balance, walk up the steps and stand in the doorway.

The unison voice of God says, “We detect a nervousness in you because you know what we are about to do.” I stand still facing Justice knowing the presence of Christ stands behind me, just risen from the Cross. Two white doves fly down the street and appear above Justice. They untie Justice’s blindfold as she stands still in the doorway. I feel the presence of Christ now holding and supporting me for what is about to happen. The blindfold falls off her face to the ground. So not to look into Justice’s face my eyes follow the fall of the blindfold to the ground. I lower my eyes down to her feet daring not to look up at first. Slowly I look up. She is radiant gold and there is a light beaming so bright from her eyes that I cannot make out if she is blinded or healed. Then an image momentarily fills my mind convulsing my body in pain. I see the image of a man gouging out her eyes. The image dissolves and I am staring into the light emanating from her and I know much to my horror that now she has eyes and can see straight through me to Christ.

Slowly and gracefully she begins to walk up the aisle towards me. I can sense Christ walking down the church towards her. They can see one another but at one level they do not even see me and I know that the place where they are going to meet is exactly where I am standing. My mind shrieks, “I want to run. I want to flee. I want to get out of here. How do I get out? Where is the exit sign? Where is another door?” My heart is racing. I am panicking. “Which way to go? Do I climb over the pews? Which way do I run?” But my feet are stuck to the ground. I twist and turn my body but my feet do not move. Those boots that Christ gave me with little golden wings hold me. The golden wings have turned to golden anchors that fasten my boots firmly to the aisle floor. I cannot move. Justice is now approaching; her light is radiant; I fear her balance; I fear her sword. She stops right in front of me. Christ stops right behind me.

In unison they say, “Have no fear.” I say, “If you both step into me there will be an explosion nuclear and I will die.” They say, “You are already dead and today is the Day of Easter, the Day of the Resurrection when the only people to wait up and who had the belief and the faith were the women.” With that Justice steps and dissolves into me first, moment’s later Christ steps and dissolves into me. Before me I see a perfect white egg floating in the air at my heart’s height. Painted on the egg is a square eight point Maltese cross in red. The egg at first is the size of a chicken’s egg, now it is the size of an ostrich’s egg. I reach out and hold it. It continues to grow. Now it gets so big it is too heavy for me to hold and I set it down. It continues to grow.

The unison voice of God calmly says, “Christ and Justice is present in every person. Tell the story of the Resurrection as it happened. Ask people why did the women have faith first? Tell them that it was because they knew it from the ground up and went to meet Christ knowing when he was risen.”

The unison voice of God continues, “The egg with the red cross, the cross representing the Beatitudes, has a strong shell. Those that step inside this egg will be protected, will grow and will hatch. They will be filled with the spirit of Christ and they will carry the sword of striking love and scales of perfect balance. They will be able to listen without prejudice blindfolded. When they have heard all they need the blindfold will drop from their eyes and they will see with light. The sword and balance will still be in their hands. With their sense of balance and striking love they will scan every horizon and see everything. They will seek out those who gouge out eyes, who hide from the true light of Christ and who hide from the true story of the Resurrection. Now turn.” I turn to face the altar.  It is a normal Sunday at the Church of Our Saviour, just before the service begins. People are coming in and filling the pews. I enter a pew and sit down. I smile.


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