Stations of the Christ – Vision 4: The Virgin Void

It begins. It starts this time knowing that I submit; I bow down before Christ. Suddenly I understand, there is a point of light in all seven places of my body. At the base, my feet, in my genitals, in my stomach, in my heart, in my throat, in my head, in my crown a spark of light glows in an instant and I know I must make my submission not just to Christ, but now I submit to God and I am prepared.

First I see Christ in command of every part of me, loving and then I see my body dissolve. I am in space. I am standing before the Sun and the angels are arrayed all around and Christ is by my side. We begin to walk into the Sun. As we do my body disappears. We are now traveling at speed, in the Sun. The sense of Christ’s presence is all around and moves from a human form to a sphere of gold in which I am now encased. As that happens the speed accelerates, we are going back in time, heading at an increasing pace to the Beginning. Enormous pressure begins to exert on all sides. I cannot make out if I am going forward or backward in time, whether I am expanding or collapsing. All I know is that we are heading to the Virgin Void. Things slow down dramatically, then I realize what is happening, we are slowing to the Beginning, when it stops it is over. I am presence, I know not of what shape, encased in the living gold of Christ’s entity. Now we are moving so slowly, I know when it will come to a stop. Each point in time halves each point in time, an infinitesimal loop. Mathematics goes backwards, dividing in on itself.

At this point a voice says, “Just before it stops, a place you can not go the doorways will open in all directions to new beginnings. You will fire through them and expand to the strength of the Sun. Give birth to light in your own way and out of that create virgin births, eggs of light out of which will hatch angels who will actually come into the world and beam out. You will touch others and their angels will come through their eggs of light into their worlds too and change what they do in the world material. At each place in the hierarchy down your mountain will reside Christ, in full reign whether that be in total humility or robed as a King as appropriate but never in the wrong condition. This sphere of gold that encapsulates your soul will now reside at each major point in your body and in an encapsulated form in every cell throughout your entity. Do not think that you are allowed to do anything that does not have the connection from the Beginning incased in Christ present in it. Now sit!” I sit.

I see myself sitting in the middle of the Sun, in the Egg of Light, in the Church of the mind, in the place of the throat, in the center of my heart, sitting crucified in my stomach, sitting breaking bread at communion in the place of my genitals, then at my feet on my knees washing feet. In each place Christ encases me and I am completely blind, the Christ being seeing through mine. A new chapter has begun.

The voice commands, “Stand up! Raise your hand and say, “Out of Nothing I bring a gift. It is nothing unusual. It is what any human can experience and there have been witnesses to this at all times. The secrets that have been buried are merely and simply how to welcome this out of every living person you meet, and yes it is possible to have institutions that welcome the spirit of every person but they are rare. But we do not need to fear because Nothing is present to God, to love, to light, to beginning in human form and practical ways in every moment in every day.”

“Who would like to build an institution that does this? Come to be of service to other humans next to you. Be of a deep servitude that reverences the Nothing, the God, the Love, the Light, and the beauty in every person. Think especially of those you think are nothing and turn to venerate them. If you wish to take this call come to our communion table and we will welcome all, all; all races, all faiths, all kinds, all types, all languages, and all strangers. We will break bread and serve tea. We will ask first for you to offer a vision of your pain. We will take your offerings and we will pile them around the base of the Cross so that they act as a magnifying beacon for personal suffering that you feel and identify with Jesus Christ on the Cross. Then all of us holding the keys to Heaven in our hearts will unlock the dark door. Light of the love of the heart of Christ will flow to the offering around the Cross and those points of pain will be resurrected and the resurrection light will flow through them showing those who hurt, and the hurt, healing and forgiving. And then we will step into the heart. There is a radiant love that is possessed in the heart of every person however hidden, however damaged. It is the wealth of our universe that is given to each one of us. At that point from the love of the heart, perceiving our pain, celebrating our communion and remembering our service we will speak words. We will speak them clearly, and we will connect our experience to the traditions, stories of time, that connect and we will form a greater and more powerful story that is simple and clear. Then together we will go to the house of worship and there will cry to God, “We open the doors to the Risen Christ, to God and the Virgin Void.” We welcome, so that out of Nothing the love of the unity of the whole universe, God, will shine light and create, picking up all the material world and all the colors and all the voices, all the music and all the hymns, celebrating what is beautiful of old and painting broad brush strokes, fine strokes and tender strokes anew to create a larger Church which spans across the globe. Finally we will step into the Egg of Light. As we die our tombstones will come clear and proud in our eyes and the beauty of every newborn child will be offered to the work of God. As we ascend through the cleansing fire and become a ray of light we will finally collapse in time back to the Beginning, the Virgin Void and know that it is present in every person in every moment now.”


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