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Polish the Tortoise

Polish the tortoise Amble in love. Emerge out of the blue On four legs and tail too, Step slowly as forgiver, Father, fitter, lover, By balance my day foretold On my back the world, Daily a doable walk In search of the lettuce stalk, Oft idle, to rest, to turn To stop, to learn: From […]

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Unbounded Love

Hands tied Rope cuts into flesh Over the edge I die? Saved by four loves: Daughter, lover, neighbor, brothers. Gather round, Help me stand my ground, Sense the change, Warmth in my heart. An open heart Can be a sharp heart, Cutting enough to be free. A razor, Now in my hands. I cut the […]

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A Sonnet for 2008

Early to bed Wake rested Be spirit-led Free to be tested I love my Alexandra I love my drama I love my ballerina I love my neighbor Like a butterfly Gentle no force Feeling powered by Life’s course Make beautiful moments The year’s monuments Theme for 2008 Jamie Coats   February 2008

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