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Sermon on The Transfiguration of Jesus

SERMON For Saint John’s Episcopal Church Beverly Farms, Massachusetts The Transfiguration of Jesus By Jamie Coats March 2nd, 2014 Last Sunday after Epiphany Readings: Exodus 24:12-18, 2 Peter 1:16-21, Matthew 17:1-9, Psalm 99 Reference: Luke 9:37-43 Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful church to reflect on the Transfiguration. I bring you greetings from […]

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No Nothin’! GOD!

You’re a No Nothin’! baptize with fire water blood You’re a No Nothin’! brand you drown you rape you stab you You’re a No Nothin’! drag you out dress you up white sheet robed walk up, spit You’re a No Nothin’! plunge a knife into your chest blood ooze out now squirting red You’re a […]

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No Word of God

        “I am so happy,” said the Devil.  “People rarely use the word “Evil.” Or words of God so beautiful, Crafted to be so prayerful.” “That hateful wonder, the holy Liturgy, Vanishes as people talk on their own authority. Linguistic worship reduced to Sunday, They chuck it out every weekday.” “Who’s left […]

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Still Hope at Pigeon Cove

Still I sit at dusk Quiet, with a sea view Half sky Quarter sea Quarter grass And me My hands cupped Waiting to receive At dawn the sun arose The love within, Emma Emmanuel for some Released a dove Looking for a cove All day it comes Across the half sky Across the quarter blue […]

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Looking for Emmanuel – post Newton

In the late 90s I volunteered one morning a week for one class in a middle school in Mattapan in Boston at a time of many youth-on-youth shootings.  I asked my sixth grade class how we could make the class safe. Quickly ideas were shouted out:  “armed guards, metal detectors, bars on the windows.” Then […]

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Our Newborn Joy

A word, softly spoken Impregnates our busy lives Swelling the recollection We are already loved. A prayer for Advent Jamie Coats December 2012

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Bean & Leaf

She walked into the bar and saw him immediately, the Greenman. His face was made of leaves, he wore a summer suit and a floral Liberty print tie displaying a riot of flowers tastefully tumbling down his front. She sat next to him. She was wearing a small silk pouch around her neck that matched […]

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The Green Man and Pegasus

At a bar met the Green Man Who asks, “Like a word?” “I am looking for Emmanuel, Emma for short.” “Go to my barn, take some lessons, I’ve just the horse for you, Pegasus. What a winged horse, Asked for a barn right on the cliff edge So he’d be able to leap straight into […]

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Glimpse of Light

A door slams, locking us in the dark. The handle spins uselessly in our grasp. We see a tiny cross-shaped eye hole, We catch a glimpse of light. Keep looking, light dissolves the door, We will step from darkness into light.

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Beautiful Reminders

The love of God Is like a butterfly That reminds us That we are as Beautiful as flowers And in our darkest heart Is the love giving Nectar of life. I am part of a team working with the Brothers of the Society of Saint the Evangelist at their Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts on communication. […]

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