Willow Tree Man

Let your rootedness shine!

If an angel flew overhead
I’d reach up and catch her
By her Achilles heal
And wonder if I’d make her crash to earth,

Spraining or breaking an ankle, maybe worse,
Or if I could catch her and
Lower her gently for her foot
To grace the earth.

Let your rootedness shine!

If she asked me to dance I’d say, “Yes!”
I’d twirl quite beautifully on the spot
And bend, wave and move with my feet
Not leaving a foot square.

She says, “Run, jump,
Waltz across the floor.”
I smile, “I can only dance as the tree rooted
By the river of love in my life.

Let your rootedness shine!

My roots are fixed
And my body is supple
And through the seasons I will flow
Not moving from this place

The river I am near is of love,
Love for my child
Love of my neighbor
Love of the work of our saviour

Let your rootedness shine!

Where would we be
Without the trees
Who stand as testament
To the strength of life?

For sex they send seeds through the air
Pollen for bees to spread afar.
Fruit for birds to eat
And winged seeds twirling everywhere.

Let your rootedness shine!

But once the seed is in the caring earth
And feels the water ignite
The inner strength of life
It is in one spot that the tree stands upright.

I came as a seed.
I didn’t know that
I so wanted to become
The willow tree man.

Let your rootedness shine!

Angel, is it your time
To feel the earth?
To let the water of love
Ignite a strength of life in you?

That will root you
To a spot next to mine
And let our branches
For our life seasons, entwine?

Let your rootedness shine!

Jamie Coats       June 2008

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